About Dawn

I am Dawn Palmer, a native Californian and mother of two adult children. After spending time moving around as a military spouse, I have settled back down in my hometown in southern California with my husband of twenty-nine years. When I am not reading, editing, or proofreading, I am traveling, taking photos, and writing my blog (PeacefulatDawn.com). 

I love helping people polish their products to a flawless finish. I really enjoy sharing knowledge, helping others hone their craft, and building trust with students and clients. My experience as a student, mom, teacher, mentor, and manager provides me with the depth and breadth of knowledge that I need to help you generate a final draft of a product that you are proud of. I would love to take the burden off of you and save you time in your journey to creating a polished product.

I consider myself a professional student and life-long learner. Because I am passionate about learning and self-development, I have always strived for excellence in school, earning top marks and high praise. I have a bachelor’s degree in biology, a master’s degree in organizational leadership, and a master’s degree in education. I have taught science at the college and high school levels, which included helping students learn how to write both technical and creative papers properly. As a fellow student, teacher, and mom, I have spent countless hours editing and proofreading papers, and I love the learning that comes with all of the reading. I have many years of corporate experience as well, which included writing and designing business and educational materials and creating presentations in PowerPoint, Adobe, and Google sites. 

As a freelance editor, I am committed to providing you with the peace of mind that comes with error-free finalized documents. I pledge to provide you with high-level, timely, efficient, professional service. I pride myself on producing grammatically correct final drafts that you can feel confident in using.

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