I love helping anyone who is looking to learn more, wants to save time, or needs their work looked over with a careful and detailed eye before it is finalized. While I have listed a few of the typical services that I provide, I am open to any type of editing or proofreading that you need, so please contact me to discuss further.


Are you a student that needs an essay, personal statement, school paper, thesis, dissertation, website, or presentation edited and/or proofread?

Are you a teacher or professor needing help with editing or proofreading educational materials?

I can help with your document or presentation. (Just be sure this is not in direct violation with your teacher’s or school’s assignment instructions.)

Blogs or Other Articles

Do you blog or write articles, either personally or professionally, and need help with editing or proofreading?

As a blogger myself (, I can save you time, provide you peace of mind, and edit or proofread your blog or article, so that it is easier to read.

Business Documents

Do you have a great business idea, but need help with editing or proofreading before presenting your material?

I can help save you time and provide you peace of mind by editing or proofreading your business document, including, but not limited to:

  • Resumes
  • White Papers
  • Presentations (e.g., PowerPoint, Adobe, Google)
  • Business Proposals
  • Marketing materials
  • Training materials


Dawn did an excellent job on building relationships with her students. She actively sought out feedback and asked plenty of questions, showing her interest in the students and her depth of knowledge. Dawn’s students’ writing and critical thinking skills have grown tremendously this year!

— Amy L., mentor science teacher

“Dawn is professional, self-motivated, diligent, and has a strong work ethic. She also works well in a team. Her outstanding ability to work collaboratively and collegially with other peers to share best practices is admirable. Dawn was a leader in this course, helping her peers with editing, proofreading, and feedback on their papers and presentations.”

— Dr. Linda K., Faculty Associate

“I really appreciate all of the help you provided to me on my paper. I was struggling with the formatting and transitions. I had plenty of sources, but did not know how to incorporate them into the paper properly. After you helped edit and proofread my paper, I felt more confident about turning in well-written assignment.”

-Chris P., graduate student

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