How Does the Process Work?

I strive to build relationships and earn trust with my clients. My goal is provide you with the peace of mind that comes with error-free documents.

Clear, open communication is key. Contact me to discuss your requirements, deadlines, and preferences. Read on for more details.

  1. Contact me for a quote. I may need a sample of your work to give an estimate.
  2. We will discuss your preferences regarding:
  • Style guide or specific style sheet. Unless you specify, I use The Chicago Manual of Style. Other guides include AP Stylebook, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, etc., or you may have a specific style sheet.
  • Brand voice and target audience. This applies to all writers, including students.
  • Method and frequency of contact. I pride myself on timely, effective responses back to you.
  • Turn-around time for final product. When is your deadline? I recommend to allow ample time for us to communicate and share documents.
  • Specific program or app for proofreading. I have over twenty years of experience using Microsoft Word to proofread documents. I use the Track Changes feature in Word (see example), allowing you to review, accept, or reject the suggested changes. If you prefer, I can proofread your document in Adobe, Google or iAnnotate. 

3. Within the promised time frame, you will receive:

  • The edited and/or proofread document with all corrections made and any comments that require author’s further review:
    • Corrections. You can accept or reject the changes I have suggested on the proofread document in order to finalize your product (see example).
    • Comments. You can delete my comments (if there are any) as you come across them in the document. Comments may require you to make a decision, such as which variation of spelling you prefer for a word, or larger changes to help with understanding the sentence (perhaps there are too many words missing for me to fill in the blanks).
  • Your original document, unedited, for comparison with the proofread document.

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